Brewery Visit – Angry Chair @angrychairbeer

You went to high school with a kid who already knew who they were by that time.

They were into music that wasn’t necessarily popular for the time, didn’t dress in clothes that were socially mandated, and they didn’t care. This isn’t because they were trying to make a point, they were just comfortable with the person that they were and they decided to be. And then you see that person 20 years later, and they haven’t changed at all. Sure, they are an expert in the career that they have chosen, and are doing incredibly well, but they are still comfortable with exactly the person they knew they were back then.

That’s the feeling I got from Angry Chair Brewing.

Angry Chair has been making a big name for themselves in the Florida craft beer scene for being a mainstay of both massive, adjunct forward stouts and incredibly inventive sour beers. They’re starting to get some distribution throughout the state, and their bottle releases are very highly sought-after ever since co-founders Ryan Dowdle and Shane Moser, plus their head brewer Ben Romano started brewing and releasing beers out of their Seminole Heights neighborhood brewery in Tampa.

The name itself should be an indication for the kind of attitude that you’ll get it Angry Chair, as they describe an Angry Chair being that seat that you sit in after a long day of frustrating cubicle work and being stuck in horrendous interstate traffic and just stew.

Going into Angry Chair is a complete rebellion of all things that make you angry, much to the enjoyment of people that go in. Just the facility itself is wonderful, are tons of in-jokes and great artwork on the wall. Fantastic rock music is playing, and if you calling them, the bartender is probably going to answer the phone with a megaphone right in the receiver.

It’s something you’re just going to have to get used to.

Of course, all of that attitude is going to need to be backed up with good beer, and these gentlemen definitely have made quite the name for themselves when it comes to that. Try not to be jealous when you hear about the following beers that I was able to try:

Sonny and Cherry (Berliner Weisse, 4% ABV) – Berliner Weisse with cherries, pomegranate, vanilla, lactose, and graham crackers. This smells like pie. Really smells like pie. A deep fruity aroma gives way to a face puckering amount of tart berries with a light graham cracker crust flavor. Aunt Bee would be proud.

Lucky Landing (Robust Porter, 5.7% ABV). This beer has a big coffee aroma that gives way to a strong porter with notes of chicory, coffee, and an almost soy sauce-esque aftertaste that did not disappoint.

Sloth Loves Coffee (Stout, 11% ABV) – Get ready, kids. This stout contains lactose, marshmallows, vanilla, walnuts, and cacao. And coffee. There’s a clean aroma with more of the coffee and vanilla, the marshmallow is massive in the flavor. Once that dissipates, the cocoa and coffee take over a bit.

These three beers are not out of the ordinary for Angry Chair. Quite the contrary, this is mostly what you can be used to when going. It’s definitely going to be fun to go there again because I would love to see what else they’re going to be coming up with.

I would call to ask, but I’ll have to make sure to wear earplugs for when they pick up the phone.

Drink Florida Craft,


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