Location visit – Brewhouse Gallery @brewhouse720 feat. @hourglassbrew @redcypressbrew

Lake Park, Florida, is not exactly the lap of luxury.

Yes, it is in Palm Beach County. But whereas other Palm Beach cities such as West Palm Beach and Boca Raton are definitely for the more affluent, Lake Park is a bit more unrefined. I’m not saying it’s a bad place to be, but this is not the sort of high society gathering place that you would see somewhere else.

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

I’m a big fan of scrappy little towns that give their residents the freedom and the space to create inventive, exciting things. One such place is the Brewhouse Gallery, which was a tap room so incredible I cannot believe that Florida is lucky enough to have it.

Brewhouse Gallery was the brainchild of Florida artist AJ Brockman. It’s situated in a very spacious 3 room gallery, and every single available inch of wall space is devoted to local artists and their artwork. Paintings, jewelry, sculptures, you name it, they have it. Across from the taps is an amazing visual piece using projection mapping across the entire wall to create a dynamic, kinetic cityspace which has to be seen to be believed.

There’s a small stage where are poetry readings and local musicians come to play, and walking around is a feast for the eyes in and of itself.

Not only do artists have their pieces up, but you’ll also get biographies on them as well. One artist I was particularly amazed by was a local high school student who did art on the side while taking a heavy course load of AP science classes getting ready for college.

Everything is for sale, and Brewhouse Gallery takes absolutely no commission from the sale of any pieces. All of the profit goes directly to the artists.

I did not get very many close up pictures of the artwork, as it is a long-standing rule not to take close-ups of the paintings. I did take a couple of panoramic shots so my readers could see what it looks like inside. To the Brewhouse Gallery, if I was not supposed to take these, Mea Culpa.

Keep in mind, Brewhouse Gallery is not a brewery. But they’ve got a fantastic tap list that shows a very savvy knowledge of craft beer, especially local craft which takes up at least half of their tap list. While we were there, we enjoyed a few beers that had been transported down from Central Florida.

From Hourglass Brewing in Longwood was Tummy Kisses (Blonde, 5.5% ABV, 13 IBU), an oatmeal raisin cookie Blonde with oats, raisins, lactose, and vanilla. It’s amazingly delicious, and the oats bring a velvety mouthfeel I don’t see in blonde ales too often, while the vanilla and raisins kick up the malt sweetness just a bit.

There was also Death Roll (Milk Stout, 4% ABV) from Red Cypress Brewing in Winter Springs. I had been wanting to try this for some time, and getting it on nitro was a fantastic bonus. It’s dark and heavy in roasted flavors, while still maintaining a light body as well. The lactose goes a long way in helping with that, accentuating the flavors of coffee and cocoa.

You don’t expect something like Brewhouse Gallery to be in Lake Park, but there it is and there you should go. The taplist rotates quite a bit, so it’s worth a look on their website to see what is currently available. Of course, when you go, take some time to enjoy the surroundings and immerse yourself in some fantastic artwork as well.

Remember, just don’t take any pictures of it.

Drink Florida Craft,


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