Brew Review – House Ale by SaltWater Brewery @saltwaterbrewer

Keeping things simple is, sometimes, the best way to go. There is nothing wrong, and a lot of the time everything right, with a moderate beer with a clean recipe list and a straightforward name that doesn’t veer towards copyright infringement at all.

Such is the case with the aptly titled House Beer (Golden Ale, 5% ABV) from SaltWater Brewery in Delray Beach. According to SaltWater co-founder Dustin Jeffers, House Ale was made “so we could have a ‘beer that taste like beer’ that was higher alcohol than LocAle.” That classic taste was made with the simple grain bill of 2 Row and C-40, along with Columbus hops.

The taste is incredibly easy and effortless, big on malty sweetness and a refreshingly light hop profile. It’s easy to drink several of these, since it’s not heavy or cloying in any way.

It’s found at SaltWater, of course, but also several restaurants around the state including Bokamper’s and Mulligans. “We really wanted a local option for bars and restaurants to have as their House Beer,” says Jeffers, “Without looking towards the big guys.”

With a beer like this on tap, there’s no need for the big guys, anyway.

Drink Florida Craft,


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