Brew Review – Whistlin’ Dixie by Ft. Myers Brewing @fmbrew @dixiefishco

It’s amazing how many little islands there are on the Gulf Coast side of Florida. The Atlantic side, by comparison, is fairly smooth-ish, with just a big barrier island in many places.

The gulf coast, however, has neat little island next to neat little island next to neat little island. This is nowhere near as obvious as when you get west of the Fort Myers area. The region is home to locations such as Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Estero Island (which comprises most of Fort Myers Beach), and San Carlos Island as well.

On San Carlos, on the side close to Matanzas Harbor, is a nifty little joint called the Dixie Fish Company. It was established in 1937 as a way for local fishermen to sell their catches from the Gulf Coast. In the 50s, that catch primarily became Florida shrimp, one of the more abundant wild seafood hauls available in the Gulf and still an important part of the Florida fishing economy.

The Dixie Fish Company has since changed into more of a restaurant, still in the original building and keeping much of the original charm. It has a small but flavorful and Florida-focused seafood menu, and a nice little selection of craft beer, including Whistling Dixie (Pilsner, 4.2% ABV), a beer made exclusively for them by Fort Myers Brewing.

Dixie Fish Company must be doing something nice to have such a great, easy to drink beer made exclusively for them by such a good brewery in the area. It’s a pretty classic pilsner, made exclusively with pilsner malt and then lager fermented. Colorwise, it has a slightly hazy golden straw feel, with an aroma slightly reminiscent of lemon cake. The mouth feel on the beer is very soft and unassuming, and that gives way to a very ready forward flavor that neither strongarms nor disappoints.

Like I mentioned before, this is only available at Dixie Fish Company or at Fort Myers Brewing itself. But it would be an awful shame for you to only go to one location of the other. The beer is excellent enough, why not both?

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