Brew Review – Please Remain Seated by Bowigens and What Ales Ya @bowigensbeerco @what_ales_ya

I’ve been wondering lately if I should transition the blog into a podcast.

It seems that podcasts are the way to go these days, and there are plenty of avenues to publish out there. That being said, I basically do everything I need to for the blog on my phone, whereas the podcasts that I’ve been on have had quite a significant investment in equipment. That’s just not in the cards right now.

In addition, beer podcasts in Florida are starting to become numerous. While not the first, one of the more notable podcasts is the Central Florida-based What Ales Ya, started by video of Brian Quain and Jeff Brennan. On a regular basis, they will choose a particular brewery and sit down with ownership, marketing managers, etc., and discuss their brewery, their beers, and going inside the Florida Brewing experience.

It’s been some time since he did the podcast with Castleberry-based Bowigens, and it went well enough to where Bowigens recently released a collaboration beer between them and the podcast. And while I would assume that the beer would have some sort of podcast/internet/social media influence to it, they went for…


What they ended up releasing was Please Remain Seated (Imperial Stout, 9% ABV, 54 IBU), a cookie and coffee Imperial Stout. The label harkens to those famous little carmelized cookies in the white packaging that you tend to get on some airlines, especially Delta. I’m not sure if I can name the cookie, and they sure as heck didn’t give any names (Yay copyright!), but they used quite a bit of them in the beer along with an incredibly dark malt and plenty of coffee from Stumptown Roasters.

What you get is a very thick and chewy beer that really goes after those coffee notes aggressively. Sure, there’s the light caramel sweetness coming from the cookies (if you’ve had the cookies, you know how good they are), but it’s the aggressive notes of pumpernickel, coffee, maybe a little bit of chicory and plum as well that really help this beer take off (aviation pun).

As an imperial stout, it is a quite heavy brew and not for the faint of heart. That being said, those bold enough to tackle such a bold recipe are treated very nicely to a deep and rich stout with a lot of character.

I am sure this is not the first collaboration for either party, and I would love to see if there are any plans in the works for getting another one coming soon. In the meantime, I can hope for my dear readers that there are still bottles left in Casselberry.

If not, maybe I’ll create a podcast and get a collaboration of my own going.

P.S. The cookie butter made by that cookie company is available at Publix and should be outlawed because of how good it is.

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