Brew Review – Aardwolf and Wicked Barley at Mojo Old City @mojo_bbq @aardwolfbar @wickedbarley

It’s funny, I have become so acclimated to South Florida that when I see the word Mojo I instantly pronounce it as ‘Mo-Ho,’ as in the citrus and garlic marinade that is so prevalent down here.

That is most definitely not the case with Mojo BBQ, a series of North and Central Florida barbecue joints whose name is more of the ‘Mojo Risin’,’ ‘Mojo Nixon,’ blues bent. One of the first stops makes on our yearly trips to St. Augustine is always the Old City Mojo BBQ. It’s located just off the main tourist drag and steps away from the municipal parking garage. The restaurant is pretty spacious, with a wonderful outdoor patio and an exemplary view of the very old, very creepy Tolomato Cemetery across the street.

I tend to mention Mojo BBQ at least once a year, since they have a fantastic lineup of local North Florida beers, usually with at least one that I have never tried before. This year, that beer was Styrofoam Pony (Stout, 7.3% ABV) from Jacksonville darlings Aardwolf Brewing.

The beer had a light roasted aroma with an almost milk chocolate quality on the nose. The taste has a big noble hop character with a milky sweetness and smooth silky feel.

I will say, their printed menus usually don’t change and have a standard lineup of North Florida basics, including several from Saint Augustine’s very own Ancient City. But they do have rotators, and I enjoy going to their very extensive bar just to see the taps.

That was when I noticed they had Wicked Barley’s Happy Medium Honey Cider (Cider, 7% ABV) available. I enjoy ciders, but not to the extent that my wife does. And when I heard honey and cider together, I instantly got a pint for her.

There was a strangely sour quality to the normal apple sweetness, as if there was a lot of Granny Smith used in the making. The tint of honey flavor was an interesting addition, bringing a deep maturity that electrified the apple flavors it was paired with.

I still enjoyed plenty of additional beers in St. Augustine, some I have mentioned already and some that have yet to go up on the blog. That being said, you can count on getting more posts from Mojo BBQ on our next visit during the next holiday season.

And I promise you I will get the name right when I go.

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