Brew Review – Sinister Reaper by Devour Brewing at Brgr Stop @devour_brewing @brgrstop

I may I am a complete and total sucker for all things hot and spicy. Whenever I go to Thai restaurants, the server always looks at me slightly askew when I tell them that I want things either Thai hot or super Thai hot (Something tells me they just go in the back and make it medium, since it’s never really as hot as I want it).

Now, for some reason, that love of heat has not translated well into a love of pepper beers. I just feel that heat is the exclusive domain of food, and beverages need not apply. That does not mean that I have not had very tastefully done, very artfully executed pepper beers.

None of that was on my mind, however, on my first trip to Brgr Stop in Coconut Creek. Brgr Stop is one of those perfect burger joints where it’s eclectic inside, but in an honest and organic way. This isn’t forced or mass-produced kitsch, it’s an honest, gritty representation of how the owners truly feel about life, and it’s perfect.

The menu, which is available online, is worth a read. I was brought by my ever-loving wife for a wide variety of crazy milkshakes and burgers to boot. Heat is good, but I also like Jamaican jerk seasoning as well, and the Angry J burger did not disappoint with a big helping of jerk along with some fantastic aioli and all sorts of other stuff that’s just heaped onto a very juicy, very flavorful burger.

I was incredibly impressed with the tap list at Brgr Stop, since they spent the time to really focus on doing a tap list right, full of some great local craft. Even the outdoor patio area shows a love of beer, with an amusing row of keg tops but I’ve never seen anybody do before. But since I was going for a spicy burger, I ended up going for a spicy beer, courtesy of Boynton Beach’s Devour Brewing.

What I went for was Sinister Reaper (Porter, 6% ABV). This beer was brewed with cacao nibs, two types of cinnamon, Ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers. And I had no idea there is more than one kind of cinnamon.

Past that, what you get from Sinister Reaper is not necessarily sinister but nicely warming. It’s got a nicely respectful amount of heat, and a very ‘garden fresh’ taste coming from the peppers. Interestingly enough, the cinnamon and the chocolate worked very well together to bring a slight candy quality to the beer that isn’t necessarily overly sweetened, but instead adds a meaty quality that absorbs a bit of the spiky, excessive heat that you would expect from the peppers.

Malt and hops were pretty standard and very true to a good quality porter, but this is the kind of beer where you come for the adjuncts and the adjuncts are used very well. It was of no great shock to me that Chip at Devour has brewed another excellent beer, and one distinct enough to really stand out on its own.

Even when paired with a massively decadent burger.

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