Brew Review – Farmhouse as F*ck by Saint Somewhere @saintsomewhere

This is about the closest I will ever get to really cursing on the blog.

Some breweries in Florida basically exist on collaborations, and almost every beer they release was brewed in conjunction with someone else from somewhere else, whether it be in the county or from a completely different continent.

Other breweries won’t touch collaborations at all, preferring to do everything themselves. I’ve even heard some brewers flat out question to need to do collaborations at all.

Both are completely valid points. Sometimes collaboration beers are fun, and sometimes it’s just a gimmick. Very rarely do collaborators bring anything specific to the brewing.

Saint Somewhere, however, went a bit out into left field when it came to their collaboration in March of last year. They invited a whoppingly big 24 brewers from around the country, all of whom are known for their love and skill at making Farmhouse ales.

For Florida, this included 7venth Sun in Dunedin & Tampa, Aardwolf in Jacksonville, Hourglass Brewing in Longwood, and Tampa Bay Brewing in the heart of Ybor. They, along with others including the likes of Jester King and Prairie Artisan Ales, made the great trek to Tarpon Springs with either 1) hops they like, 2) a favorite dried herb for flavoring, or 3) a bottle of one of their bottle conditioned beers.

That third one was pretty important, as they didn’t pitch any extra yeast except for what already existed in the bottles of beer. All of that was combined into a single beer with the wonderful name of Farmhouse As F*ck (Farmhouse Ale, 5% ABV, 25 IBU).

The beer pours a hazy dark golden to light orange color, and comes in with a big, frothy white cap. The aroma is really interesting, slightly lemony and almost pilsner like. There’s a little bit of grass on the back end as well.

Flavor-wise, it feels very much like an imperial witbier. It’s got a strong spice character, with big notes of coriander and black pepper, but there is also a nice palate of orange and lemon qualities. It’s not overly tart, and very soft in subtle in a lot of its qualities.

This is a surprisingly calm beer for as complex and complicated as it was. I was happy to try the beer, but a little sad to know it’s a beer the likes of which I probably won’t see again.

Especially with that name.

(Update – They just brewed the 2019 Farmhouse as F*ck. And they kept the name.)

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