Brew Review – Passion of the Heights by Florida Ave. Brewing @floridaavebrew

The first time I saw beers from Florida Avenue Brewing, I was on vacation in the Sarasota area with my wife. This was a long time ago, so it was the glass bottles with the really awesome old-timey pirate ship logo they used to have.

I really like the new iconography of a completely refreshed Florida Avenue Brewing, but I miss that nautical look from the early beers. The new imagery is definitely more urban and harkens a lot more easily to their location with in Tampa on, as you could tell, Florida Avenue.

That location, created when they partnered with Brew Bus Brewing, is located in Seminole Heights. This is an older section of Tampa, and I’ve heard some Tampa residents talk down about the area, but it seems to be the central hub of quite a vigorous revitalization.

It’s that region that I can assume is the namesake for their award-winning beer The Passion of the Heights (Wheat Beer, 4.7% ABV). As slightly religious as the name almost feels, I do know that the passion part comes from a massive explosion of fruity flavors from cinnamon, hibiscus, lemon & orange peels, and rose hip.

That’s a lot going on in this beer, bringing in a very interesting pink hue when it is poured, and also giving it a nice tart zing with that interesting tropical flavor. The zing comes from the hibiscus, something I’ve been getting used to whenever I see the ingredient show up.

It’s a very smooth and easy to drink beer, light and zippy and refreshing with all of the additions along with a good dusting of Mandarina and Warrior hops. It’s also being distributed statewide in cans and is remarkably easy to find. I actually found it, along with a ton of other Florida Avenue beers at, of all places, Target. There’s no need to drive all the way to Seminole Heights to get some, but there’s a lot of the area anyways so it may be worth it just to go.

There is plenty to be passionate about (End dad joke).

Drink Florida Craft,

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