Beer Pairings with Brewhouse Legends Snack Mixes @brewhouselegend

The tradition of snack mixes being served alongside drinks is so old and so standard that it’s almost a stereotype. And those usual stereotypes are either peanuts or pretzels. Delicious, yes, but we’e been there.

I was recently approached by Brewhouse Legends with a much better proposition: three different snack mixes specifically made to go with beer. I have tried each of them, and I was pleasantly surprised by each, distinctly different yet pretty delicious nevertheless.

Here they are, along with a Florida beer that pretty much everyone in the state should be able to get and enjoy:

Michelada – Inspired by the Mexican beer and tomato juice cocktail, this snack mix contains rice crackers, corn nuts, hot Cajun sticks peanuts and praline pepitas.

Beer Pairing – There’s a definite sweetness to the mix from the pepitas and tomato-esque flavorings. To that end, a classic Vienna Lager, with a strong malty sweetness, will combine quite nicely with the sweet notes in the mix.

Florida beer – Motorworks Brewing V-Twin Vienna Lager

Hops & Pepper – This might be closest to a traditional snack mix you’re going to get, but with a great, almost vegetable flavor in the spices. Very tasty, and I can definitely eat a lot more of these. It contains peanuts, rice crackers, pretzels and sesame sticks along with those spices.

Beer Pairing – It’s the calmest and most rounded of the three snack mixes, and having a calm, tasty pilsner or blonde ale is definitely the way to go.

Florida beer – 3 Daughters Beach Blonde Ale

Hoppin’ Chili – I think everyone that tasted these mixes loved this one the most. It has a great little sweetness to begin with, but then the heat comes on with a great blend of chili pepper, crafted with peanuts, honey sesame chips, chick peas, and corn nuts.

Beer pairing – IPA. Seriously, did you expect anything else with this heat?

Florida beer – Due South Category 3 IPA

These mixes can no be found at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits now. You’re going there for craft beer anyway, so you would do well to get some bags of these as well.

Drink Florida Craft,

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