Brew Review – Hold the G by Bangin’ Banjo @banginbanjobrew

I have been on a Kolsch kick lately.

I can’t totally explain why, but for some reason a nice, clean golden ale seems immensely appealing these days. The kolsch is something THAT fits that bill absolutely perfectly.

As a style, it is perfectly crisp and clean and instantly appealing, as it will go with pretty much anything and everything. Of course, that’s how I would label a good many other styles, such as the cream ale. One of the Florida breweries that has really taken the cream ale and exploded it is Pompano’s Bangin Banjo Brewing.

They’ve taken the reins on a couple of great styles, especially cream ales and the increasingly popular Gose style. But wouldn’t you know, on my recent visit they ended up having a kolsch on tap, Hold the G (Kolsch, 5.2% ABV).

If you’re looking for a kolsch, this could very easily be the textbook example of one. It’s got a clean & clear golden color, and the aroma is lightly biscuity. Not too sweet, not bitter at all.

The flavor has a solid citrus quality to it, almost reminiscent of orange and lemon rind, but just a bit more herbal then actually using those adjuncts. It’s got an interesting, slight bitterness on the back end that mixes with a lightly bready malt character. It’s a wonderfully refreshing beer, made by Brewers that know exactly how to do just that. I am glad that I was able to try some, and I fear that this is only going to further my interest in searching out more of this style.

But there could be worse things to drink.

Drink Florida Craft,

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