Brew Review – Peach Sorcery by Barrel of Monks @barrelofmonks

Treatments are odd things.

Usually, you’ll see a treatment be a lighter beer that was infused with some sort of a fruit adjunct, or a darker beer that was aged in some sort of a liquor barrel for 6 months up to a year.

Rarely do the two meet, and rarely do I see them stray from their traditional treatment upgrades. Well, Barrel of Monks in Boca surprised me a little.

White Wizard Wit, their belgian-style witbier which comprises a very good chunk of their sales, has been a force in the South Florida beer market for some time now. I’ve seen them tinker with it a little bit here and there, but none so much as with their upcoming release of Peach Sorcery (Witbier, 5.5% ABV).

Their Sorcery series is a series of treatments of that wit beer, inoculated with a house strain of wild yeast, something I had no idea Barrel of Monks was interested in. It was aged for 7 months in a neutral oak barrel for the second fermentation, then fermented for a third time with obviously fresh peaches.

The finish was incredibly subtle and nicely nuanced. You have a slight sweetness from the peach and an ever-so-gentle amount of funk coming from the wild yeast that really seems to latch onto that peach., taking it and making it a touch sour and a touch dryer than you would expect.

With a very strong effervescence coming from expertly crafted bottle fermentation, this really did have the feel of a champagne more than it did a beer. There’s a touch of residual sweetness, and a bit of the funk also likes to play with the coriander from the original witbier recipe, but it ends up being a bit softer than I had expected the beer to be. It was a great surprise, and I was very happy to see how refreshing and playful the finished product ended up being.

Peach Sorcery will be released in the Barrel of Monks’ Taproom in Boca tomorrow, May 25th. I would definitely like to think Barrel of Monks for providing this sneak preview of what turned out to be a fantastic beer.

I’ll be interested to see what fruit is coming up next.

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