Brew Review – Instinct IPA by Momentum Brewhouse @momentumbrew

I am lucky that I have been to both Momentum’s old tap room and their new tap room, both in Bonita Beach. It’s interesting that entire facility they left was the same size as just the tap room space of their new digs, and their new production floor is double that space.

In short, they have all the space they need to make even more of their awesome beers. I came by there a few weeks ago to interview owner Brian Hahn for the Florida Beer Podcast (which should be up soon, by the way), and I did get to grab a few crowlers for the road. One of those was their house IPA, Instinct (IPA, 6% ABV, 40 IBU).

This is a clean, true to style, and very crowd-pleasing IPA. The nose has big, citrus, dank qualities to it, going nice and deep within its slightly hazy golden body.

The body of the beer is light and refreshing, and does not take long at all before those delicious alpha acids bring in big resiny notes of bitterness with a delightful after kick of grapefruit and lemon.

This is an IPA for IPA drinkers, perfectly sessionable and still big in flavor. And it’ll be coming soon through Momentum’s brewing system, nice and cozy in its new home.

If you need to, wait around for the podcast episode to drop, but don’t wait for that to happen before visiting the new location. The beer is quite excellent, and I definitely cannot wait to be back.

Drink Florida Craft,

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