Brew Review – Sandy Feet by Walking Tree at Conchy Joe’s @walkingtreebrew @conchy_joes

Not totally sure how we found Conchy Joe’s Seafood in Jensen Beach, but we did manage to find ourselves there on Father’s Day, which my family and I treat as more of a nice enjoyable family day.

Trust me, you can pretty well guess what Conchy Joe’s looks like. It’s your traditionally kitschy looking coastal fish eatery. Huge patio space overlooking the intracoastal waterway, lots old road signs and bar accoutrements on the walls and ceiling, very interesting on-stage fresh seafood steaming station, and multiple bars.

It’s an interesting place, and we are more than a little intrigued about the hermit crab races they apparently hold every Wednesday.

Food-wise, they are quite excellent. I was more than happy with one of the most amazing fish and chips I’ve ever had, and my wife had some fantastic fresh Mahi as well. I will admit that I did not expect to find anything particularly appetizing in the way of beer. I anticipated boring watery macros, and there was definitely a lot of that around. Plenty of boring brown bottles graced many of the tables that were around us.

Walking by the outside bar, however, I managed to see a Walking Tree tap snuck in with the other beers they were serving. Sure enough, one of the beers on tap at Conchy Joe’s was Sandy Feet (American Pale Ale, 6.4% ABV, 17 IBU).

I am a big fan of Walking Tree, and consider them to be one of the best breweries in the state of Florida. I also hadn’t had Sandy Feet before, so I jumped at the chance and was very happy with what I got.

As a pale ale, it’s interesting in that the hops tend to be a little more on the earthy side. It’s a little muted, with an almost milky and robust bitter character.

It’s not an IPA in hiding; they control the flavor very well and very expertly. There is a big biscuit quality to the grain bill, which adds a little bit of weight and a bit of a smooth mouthfeel with deep bready qualities to the flavor.

It’s refreshing on a warm day, but it still has some body behind it. I expected nothing less from Walking Tree, and I was happy to see that I can expect that from Conchy Joe’s.

If we do find ourselves in the area again, and I have no reason to think that we won’t, we will very happily consider going back to this cute, fun little joint on the water.

Especially for those hermit crab races, I have to see that for myself.

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