Brew Review – Bench Life by Green Bench @greenbenchbrew

I feel like Bench Life (Lager, 4.6% ABV, 7 IBU) should have a hashtag in front of it, like a basic tag when talking about St. Pete. #BenchLife.

It’s one of the newer can releases from Green Bench Brewing, and one of the mildest you can find from them. It’s a good complement to their extensive can lineup of IPAs and wild bottle releases, and a good additional reference hearkening back to St. Pete’s iconic green benches that once graced their sidewalks.

The beer itself has keeps a light malt bill with just barley and flaked corn, which leads itself to bring a nice, cereal grain sweetness to an excitingly bubbly beer. Add a healthy dose of noble Mt. Hood hops, and you get a beer that is instantly refreshing and incredibly delicious.

Just like a vacation in St. Pete, Bench Life is fun and relaxing, ment to be savored and enjoyed.

Sorry, that should be #BenchLife.

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