Brew Review – Summer ’19 and Podcasting at SaltWater Brewery @saltwaterbrewer

It’s funny how often Delray Beach’s SaltWater Brewery comes around in my life. It just sort of happens on a regular basis. A few weeks ago, I also figured it would be the perfect place to meet up with Jaime and Glenn, the producers behind the Florida Podcast Network.

If you’re keeping score, they’re the ones that picked up the Florida Beer Podcast to make it sound ever so nicer and bring it to even more people than ever before.

Since we’re having a podcast meeting, I also wanted to make sure to record an actual podcast. I enjoy doing that kind of thing now. And Director of Operations Dustin Jeffers was only more than happy to oblige in the dark, woody, swanky office that is directly above the indoor section of the tap room, a place I never knew existed.

Of course, beer was involved. Being a big fan of Sea Cow (and sea cows in general), I opted to try their Double Chocolate Coffee Sea Cow (Stout, 6% ABV) made with 5150 chocolate and coffee from Brooklyn Water Bagel.

I enjoy their milk stout quite a bit, and this gave it a decadent, almost Black Forest Cake-like quality. Moderately chewy and with deep notes of cocoa and a touch of coffee that lurks beneath the roasted malts.

We also did a flight. Bright and peppy blonde ales, specially since we were trying to get Glenn to drink more beer:

Passion Pit (Pale Ale, 4.2% ABV) is their year-round packaged pale ale brewed with with passionfruit. Light and crisp, and the passionfruit brings a fruity, slightly tangy quality as well.

Pelagic IPA (IPA, 6.2% ABV) was a collaboration with famed lifestyle brand Pelagic for an upcoming convention they had in Orlando. It was meant to be a down-the-middle West Coaster, overflowing with bold, dank, citrusy hops with little room for mercy.

Locale (Pale Ale, 3.7% ABV) was more for everyone else, a safe haven for those new to craft beer and another of their year-round packaged releases. It’s a good deal closer to a Cream Ale in terms of a soft, biscuity-sweet malt bill and light Noble hops. It’s a great lawnmower beer or something to wean others off Big Macro beers as well.

Coast Guard Cutter (Pale Ale, 5.8% ABV) was their new Gluten reduced beer. Dustin described the special process by which they removed the gluten from their beers and bring it down to a level that should be acceptable to those with gluten allergies, but to be honest I forgot. I apologize. I will say it was a shock to taste what was a perfectly normal pale ale. A touch hoppier than Locale, and you would never know anything had happened to it.

Bone-A-Fied Blonde (Blonde Ale, 6% ABV) is their Belgian blonde, and I do love my Belgians. It’s got a great funky aroma from their house Belgian yeast strain and blends so nicely with the beer, with an ever-so-tasty blend of slight bubblegum and foliage. Always refreshing.

If you want to hear the craziness, we released that episode (Number 21) some time ago and you can find it here. Of course, it’s not nearly as good as actually going there.

I’m sure I’ll be back there again as well.

Drink Florida Craft,

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