Brew Review – Coffee McSwagger by Crooked Can @crookedcan

Central Florida’s infamous heat and humidity tend to be oppressive for most of the year, but every so often you luck out and get a nice, mild day.

Downtown Winter Garden seems to get a lot of those, with the main drag of Plant St. nestled under an immense canopy of trees liberally draped with Spanish Moss. It’s a gorgeous place, and quite enjoyable to sit outside if you do manage to get one of those wonderful lazy Sunday afternoons.

That seems to be exactly the feel that Crooked Can goes for. This award-winning brewery, on the Northern end of Plant Street in downtown Winter Garden, is situated in the back of the Plant Street Market.

It’s been a little while since I have been back here, but I still have a number of friends who live in Central Florida, and they tend to haunt the brick halls of Crooked Can on a regular occasion.

Theie beers are readily found across Florida, owing to a production move for their core Brands over to Brew Hub in Lakeland. They still have a quite prodigious list of both core and one-off beers available. And sometimes, you get a little bit of both, as I was able to try with their Coffee McSwagger (Amber Ale, 6% ABV, 39 IBU). This is the coffee version of their core Amber ale, brewed where is coffee from nearby Axum Coffee.

I completely forgot to take the picture, so this one is lovingly stolen from Crooked Can themselves.

It’s got a deep and warming quality to it, contained in a wonderfully crystal clear copper gorgeousness. The aroma is straight coffee, that big blast you get when you walk into a high-quality coffee roastery.

The flavor contains a big, rounded sweetness with notes of coffee bean and creamer, seemingly a medium roast that delivers a beautifully coffee forward flavor with a light roast malt and touch of caramel hidden in the back end. That also blends quite nicely with a very herbal hop quality to the beer.

There’s a lot of other beers here to try, and I’m sure that sometime soon I shall make it back. I would go anytime, but waiting for that calm summer day makes it so much nicer.

Drink Florida Craft,

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