Brew Review – Pistachio Supervoid by Coppertail Brewing @coppertail

I am not going to lie, but from time to time I happen to get some free things. It just happens.

I find this interesting, since I have spoken to a good many brewers that say they have been receiving an extraordinary number of requests from ‘influencers’ asking them for freebies as well.

Personally, I try not to ask. If it is volunteered, that is completely different. And I recently got a nice little shipment from Coppertail Brewing in Tampa that they volunteered to send along. One of those beers, that they totally sent me without my requesting, was Pistachio Supervoid (Imperial Stout, 12% ABV).

I didn’t ask for it for free, it was volunteered. I try not to ask for beers. I just want to make that point.

Coppertail, if you’re reading this, send me more of this beer. Please.

Just drop it in a box, lots of it, a case at the very least, and send it on over. That would be greatly appreciated.

Sweet Mother of Milk Duds this thing pours like motor oil. It’s so amazingly dark, it has a color like a black hole where no light can escape.

And the aroma, It smells like a milkshake. It’s just like an Italian cookie with amazingly candy-like notes of amaretto. I honestly didn’t want to drink the beer, just sit there and smell it for a long while.

The beer has a thick, chewy body and amazing flavors of sweet nut and marzipan, mixed with molasses and raisin and even a little bit of coffee and the darkest cocoa you can find.

This is not a beer I totally expected to come out of Coppertail, but I am glad it did and I would actively search it out again for more.

Unless they want to send me moreā€¦

Drink Florida Craft,

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