Brew Review – Mango Thief by Beat Culture

By now, hopefully you have heard our interview with Beat Culture Brewing on the Florida Beer Podcast. I’ve reviewed the location before, being there at the tail end of their grand opening day. There were a lot of beers consumed in that post, and I recommend anybody go back and check it out.

With this visit, however, I knew I wasn’t going to be drinking too much and I had to go for the one beer that seem to be most interesting out of their newer ones. If you listen to the podcast, you can hear us talking about this beer, Mango Thief (IPA, 7.5% ABV).

They name the beer a mango milkshake IPA, owing to liberal amounts of vanilla and lactose in addition to hundreds of pounds of mangoes sourced from their loyal customers (If you’re not from South Florida, you need to understand that sometimes tropical fruits are so ubiquitous down here, it just grows in our backyards. Maybe not mine, but a lot of other people’s).

Beat Culture actually ran a special where if you brought in some mangoes, they’d give you a beer. They didn’t necessarily ask whose mangoes they were, hence the name of the beer.

It’s not just the fruit; the beer was also hopped it with Amarillo and El Dorado, well known for melon-like tones.

It was interesting to taste everything fighting for dominance. Being an IPA and being liberally hopped with Amarillo, you had big Alpha Acid-forward bitter notes in the beer. Those flavors got a bit muddled through the dry hopping as well as from all the fruit and other fun adjuncts they added as well.

So you ended up getting this creamy, fruity, dank hop bomb of a beer. There are a lot of dimensions here, and I enjoyed every single one of them. I can only imagine what it would be like if they put it on Nitro.

Or maybe we’ll see if I can grow some fruit and see what we can do about bringing that in.

Drink Florida Craft,

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