Brew Review – Hurricane Party & Huracan by Big Storm Brewing @bigstormbrewing

Now is, unfortunately, the time in hurricane season where the big storms start to ramp up. It’s something pretty much every Floridian has had to deal with, and hurricanes make up a large part of the cultural identity of living here.

There are restaurants, sports teams, and plenty of food items names for these storms. And thinking about the storms coming up this season reminded me that I never posted any information for the two hurricane-themed beers I tried on my recent visit to Big Storm Brewing. If you want to hear a bit more about them, these were sampled during my interview with Big Storm owner LG Govoni on a recent episode of the Florida Beer Podcast.

And what’s funny is these two beers could not be any more different if they tried.

Hurricane Party (Sour, 4% ABV), the red one on the left, is a watermelon cherry sour ale. There’s an interesting mashup of flavors here, almost a kissing cousin of a Sour Patch Kid.

The fruit flavors aren’t quite as artificial, though. Especially with that cherry, that actually feels pretty fresh. It also isn’t quite as sour, very much along the lines of a clean kettle souring rather than anything particularly crazy and wild.

It was pretty popular, and that popularity took Big Storm by surprise, as they are now releasing this in cans. I would easily get a four pack of these for just standard drinking on any sort of a day.

The complete other end of the spectrum was Huracan (Imperial Stout, 11% ABV), the dark beast on the right. The beer is named for the Mayan god of wind, storm, and fire, who also participated in the creation of humanity. And yes, it is he that gives us the modern term hurricane.

The beer is beautifully rich and wonderfully chewy, with a lot of bold espresso flavors and heavy notes of prune and raisin. They add blackstrap molasses, which gives an additional quality of deep roasted sugar to a style that I already find has a lot of those dark sugar characteristics.

And even with all of that, it’s still remarkably smooth and very easy to drink. It’s not one to mess around with, and this would be a bit difficult to session with. As most ancient gods are.

These are not the only two hurricane-themed beers that Big Storm produces, and they are just a drop in the bucket with the beers from the Sunshine State that bear some sort of connection to these tropical cyclones. As the season continues, we are sure to see more.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Drink Florida Craft,

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P.S. I have to give a very special shout-out to this amazing Oats in Hose milkshake made with their year-round oatmeal stout. Trust me, it’s ten times as delicious as it looks.

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