Sponsored Post – Reviewing the NewAir “Beers of the World” Custom Designed 126-Can Beer Fridge

Let me go ahead and throw my hat into the ring with a review of my brand new beer fridge, the NewAir “Beers of the World” Beer Fridge.

And it’s even been decorated for Halloween!

I have a slightly different take on beer fridges, as I had a custom-built kegerator that I have been using as a beer fridge for the past couple of years. When NewAir contacted me concerning taking this model out on a test drive, I definitely jumped at the chance, as the kegerator wasn’t the best use of space.

Between the large wheels on the bottom and the CO2 canister on the back, it was pretty unsightly and took up a lot of space. I am definitely happy to say that the NewAir Beers of the World beer fridge is a lot more conducive to an attractive set up.

First of all, it’s got a sleek, compact design that takes up very little space. Second, the design on the sides and top of the unit are pretty attractive, being able to both blend in to existing furniture as to not be garish and out of place, but also unique enough to where it will stand on its own if you decide to make it the centerpiece of a bar area.

One of the things I have always wanted was a glass front beer fridge, and the window on this one is big enough to where you can see almost everything in full view. There is also an LED at the top which gives an attractive lighting feature to the entire unit. It is switch operated though; I was hoping for something that would turn on when you open the door.

For capacity, I have pushed that sucker to the limit. It claims to hold 126 12 oz. beer cans, but I can’t find a beer enthusiast who only has 12 oz. beer cans, so I did a little bit of maneuvering to try to get the best configuration I could.

Every time I see a review for this product, I have noticed that everybody seems to have their beers in a completely different configuration, so maybe I’ll sit down and try to play with a few others myself. I still have a few more shelves that I can mess around with to figure out a good way to store my beers.

The unit is relatively quiet, and I swear I could feel the cold air the moment I plugged it into the wall. It did an excellent job of chiling everything that needs to be chilled, and you can even adjust the temperature with a dial that is located at the top of the unit right next to the light switch.

I’m actually very happy with the beer fridge, as it is an attractive addition to my front room, holds everything I needed to hold and more, and has features that I have always wanted.

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