Brewery Visit – JDub’s Brewing @jdubsbrewing

For being just outside the Tampa-St. Pete area, the Sarasota-Bradenton region has more than its fair share of craft beer heavy hitters. One of the biggest is JDubs, outfitted firmly in the industrial space of the city of Sarasota itself.

The founder, Jeremy “Jdub” Joerger, has a very interesting brewing background and an even more interesting interviewing style. Hopefully you have listened to the full interview with him on the Florida Beer Podcast. If you haven’t, take a few minutes and avail yourself with this particular auditory treat.

As I generally do in one of my interviews, I like to try a few of the beers on tap, especially since I love going to places and getting beers I can’t find anywhere else. Both my wife and I are big fans of their Bell Cow milk chocolate porter, so I really had to make sure to get us a pint of Cowmasutra (Porter, 5.7% ABV), their Bell Cow porter kicked up with coconut and Chai Masala spices.

I do love a good chai beer, and having a chai beer on top of an already fantastic lactose porter is simply more of a wonderful thing. It’s got a moderate body that leaps out with big delicious notes of cardamom, cinnamon, and everything else they throw in there. The coconut feels toasted and blends very nicely with the deep roasted malt.

Our other beer went in an entirely different direction with Pinacoladaburg (Berliner Weisse, 4.2%). As you can tell by the name, this is a slightly sour, slightly sweet Berliner Weisse that was treated with pineapple and coconut. It’s not candy, though, and it’s definitely not boozy. It’s light and refreshing and leaves a nice tingle on your tongue along with the fruits.

It’s a fun time, and they have a great facility they are using to turn out quite a few quality beers, as tasty as Jeremy is, well, interesting.

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