Brew Review – No, I Haven’t Checked My Email by Cigar City at Tampa Int’l @cigarcitybeer

I am very happy to see that the airside brewery that Cigar City operated at Tampa International Aitport is back and better than ever.

I do remember many years ago hearing about this tiny little one barrel system tucked away at TIA when I first started writing a blog and being very, very upset that I would never be able to experience it. How overwhelmingly wrong I was, being lucky enough to have eaten many times at the old facility over the years.

But it closed down, hidden behind white plastic sheeting and fronted by a paltry list of boring macro taps add more to do who is standard macro taps simply not worth my time.

Then the construction walls came down, and it was evident with all the money and time they had put into revamping the facility. It doubles down on the Tampa-style architecture, lots of faux brick, more ample and cozy seating, and a much more front and center view into their on-site brewing system.

They don’t have a full-time brewmaster. Instead, a brewer by the name of Ian comes over from the the brewery to brew batches, rack beers, and keep everything neat, clean, and operating.

So yes, there are new beers that can only be had here in terminal C and cannot be found anywhere else. Of course, the Ian seems to love to have some fun with the names, as I found out with the following exchange:

“Excuse me, what seasonal beer on tap was brewed here?”
“It’s a Scotch ale.”
“What is the name?”
“I haven’t checked my email yet.”
“Is there any way that you could find out?”
“I haven’t checked my email yet.”
“Okay, can you give me a pour and check the name for me?”
“That’s the name of the beer, I haven’t checked my email yet.”

Needless to say I felt a little dumb. But yes, that was the name, No, I Haven’t Checked My Email Yet (Scotch Ale).

It’s a remarkably easy drinking scotch ale, thankfully. It’s light, with a light touch of caramel that goes into a wonderfully creamy vanilla note, floating on a bubbly high carbonation.

To be sure it feels a bit heavy in terms of ABV, but only lightly so. It doesn’t feel or taste heavily boozy, which is a welcome change from most other Scotch Ales.

It’s a good welcome back to one of the greatest little breweries I can’t get to without a ticket and a TSA inspection. I just hope it won’t be too long before I get back.

Drink Florida Craft,

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