Brew Review – Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout by Khoffner @khoffnerusa

As you read this, Khoffner Brewery in Fort Lauderdale is closed. Sort of.

Rauf has taken his talents and his team to the soon-to-be-opened Sistrunk Market, a massive Food Hall and shopping complex opening soon in downtown Ft.Lauderdale. This is a good move for him, since it will give him much more space the play with. He definitely has big plans and the talent to back it up, but his original location, by the train tracks on Sunrise, did not afford him the room.

It was a bit odd going to his old space for one final draft when half of the stuff on the Brew floor had already been moved out. That draft was a Cherry Chocolate Milk Stout (Stout, 8.7% ABV), something a little out of the ordinary for a brewer that I’ve come to depend on for classic, by the book recipes.

He’s got a great taste for this style, and the stout ends up being a great amalgamation of light and fluffy cocoa, deep roasted bready malts, and slightly tart cherry. It is all at once warming and Incredibly inviting. It would be a fantastic breakout beer for any other brewer, but this excellence is par for the course with Rauf.

He’s one of my favorite brewers in the area and it’s going to be sad not to be able to get his beers for a time while he gets his new facility up and running. Once it is open, I definitely look forward to being one of the first ones there.

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