Brew Review – Florida Hopped FPA by 3 Daughters Brewing @3dbrewing

I recently found out that 3 Daughters decided to do something that I had always hoped they would do, but they had never gotten around to it. They’ve been excellent at distributing their core brands around the state, and my opinion (favorable, by the way) over their new ciders and seltzers has been written numerous times on this blog.

As any taproom and brewery does, they also spend a lot of time releasing great small batch beers. The problem is unless you visit them in St Pete, you never get around to trying those beers. This year, current virus concerns notwithstanding, 3 Daughters finally going forward with their Small Batch Series, a rotating seasonal release schedule encompassing some brand-new beers and some previously taproom-only exclusives such as my beloved Brown Pelican Dunkelweizen.

They had a couple releases out when I was there last, and I managed to grab a can of their Florida Hopped FPA (IPA, 5.8% ABV, 35 IBU). This is an exciting beer for me, since it uses only Florida grown hops and even carries the Fresh From Florida logo, something I’ve been very proudly seeing show up on craft beer in the state little by little.


Recipe wise, it feels somewhat similar to their core IPA Bimini Twist, maybe with a touch more orange color. The aroma has an interesting mix of deep citrus and caramel, and that definitely carried through to the first taste. You initially get a caramel malt chewiness that hangs tough with a blood orange and grapefruit soaked hop character. Eventually the malt gives way to a bouquet of deeper citrus notes that really open up and carry the rest of the flavor profile home.

I expected nothing less from 3 Daughters, and it’s nice to see that more people will be able to start sampling more of these beers in the coming months. I’ll see if I can release a full calendar soon, but trust me. There’s going to be some good things happening.

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