Brew Review – Irish Ziko Bomb by 26 Degree Brewing @26brewing

Another quarantine day. Just getting by.

But it’s interesting (and more than a little fun) to see all of the drive-up options breweries in the state of Florida have created to deal with losing their normal tap room business. Some will only sell their pre-packaged beers, and others, like 26 Degree Brewing in Pompano Beach, allow for advanced online ordering of anything they have on tap for crowler fills.

I like that, especially since there are a lot of beers that never see the inside of a 12 oz can. Such is the case with Irish Ziko Bomb (Imperial Stout, 8.2% ABV), a specially treated version of their Ziko’s Rage Imperial Stout aged on Madagascar vanilla beans, cocoa, and Jameson Irish Whiskey.

It kicks like a mule, this one. It’s amazingly heavy, rich and thick with the light vanilla sweetness swimming around in heavy cocoa and roasted chicory flavors that are buoyed by coffee and light plum notes. Once all that hits the boost of the Jameson comes rushing in out of the dark with it’s tang and slightly woody character. A lot of the character is there, but it isn’t boozy at all. The amount is controlled nicely, and never gets overpowering.

I hope to get to more breweries soon, but in the meantime I’ll be enjoying the drive through options at breweries in the state. Please do so as well, as supporting local businesses is critical at a time like this.

Especially if Jameson is involved.

Drink Florida Craft,


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