Brew Review – Helles and Hefe-Weissbier by Eight Foot Brewing @eightfootbrew

It’s almost difficult to choose between the influx of interesting media being created these days, since the Coronavirus has forced everybody home and created an overabundance of shows for people to watch and still feel connected.

It’s the reason I created the Sunshine State Happy Hour. Even then, there have been a lot of episodes where I am competing in a time slot with four or five different shows but I know about, possibly more that I don’t.

I’m also watching a lot of other shows, and Cape Coral has been doing a great one every Thursday night at 8 PM. The team at Eight Foot Brewing hosts the team from Big Storm Brewing in Cape Coral and some other guests that join on occasion.

I was happy that last week we were able to be the guests that were invited to come on. Sure, we had a few technical difficulties and I ended up hosting the show on the same platform that I use for the Sunshine State Happy Hour, but it was all in good fun and as usual, Roger Phelps at Eight Foot is an incredible wealth of knowledge and talent.

My hope Is that more people will go to Cape Coral, since I will readily admit he has made Eight Foot one of the absolute best breweries in Florida, unfortunately relatively unknown as they are.

But Roger did put a couple cans in the mail for us to share and I split them with my co-host Steve. I gave him the IPA from Sun King since he is more into that style than I am, but I had to keep these two for myself and I was very happy with the results.

The Helles (Helles Lager, 4.2% ABV) Lager was perfectly malty with a bright, peppy, lemony sweetness to the beer. It’s beautifully true to style, very crisp and refreshing, with low hops and a crystal clear view right through.

The Hefe-Weissbier (Hefeweizen, 5% ABV, 9 IBU) is his delicious hefeweizen that started an interesting conversation discussing a style that is unfortunately starting to disappear from favor. It was also interesting to listen to Roger’s choice of yeast, and a lot of the ways that he can dial certain things in during the brewing process to control the amount of banana and clove esters that were there.

He definitely brought the banana down quite a bit, and brought more of the clove to the front but I actually ended up also getting notes of coriander hanging around on the back. It’s incredibly light and refreshing, and does not let up on the flavor at all.

The other can we got from him was a foreboding looking Mexican Imperial Stout, which we will leave for later. In the meantime, it sounds like he has some really great stuff coming up very soon and it is worth the drive for everybody to go to Cape Coral to head to his place.

The other thing that you can do is to tune in Thursday nights at 8 PM on the Eight Foot Brewing Facebook page to watch the Virtual Bottle Share. I guarantee that if you do, you will learn something interesting. And you will want to try more beer.

Drink Florida Craft,


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