Brew Review – Joyland IPA by Ivanhoe Park Brewing @ivanhoeparkbrew

I am really excited that the Sunshine State Happy Hour is taking off. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a new show every weekday afternoon where Producer Steve and I sit down and speak to a brewer, influencer, or somebody that has something to do with craft beer and chat about how things are going with them and what they can expect in the future.

It’s a lot looser than the Florida Beer Podcast, only about half Florida and half the rest of the country. And it’s nice to see that it’s getting received. We have a sponsor coming up pretty soon, we’ve had people reach out asking to be on the show, and it looks like we have some people that watch on a fairly regular basis, including Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company in Orlando.

They’re always gracious to give us a like when they’re watching the feed. And since I am nothing if not completely beholden to suck up to brewers, on today’s episode I decided to crack open my final can of Joyland (IPA, 7% ABV).


Named for the Orlando amusement park that was supposed to be the namesake for the brewery, Joyland hit every single switch it needs to. It’s remarkably smooth and easy to drink, with a hop bitterness that has one foot firmly planted in being aggressive and citrusy, but never goes all the way in.

This means you get a beer that is beautifully balanced and those hops perform well against a bright and crisp malt bill. It’s very easy to drink and sessionable, hiding a 7% alcohol.

And like I said, it was my last. So if you are reading this, Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company, please be gracious to send some more since you don’t distribute by me and we would also love to have you on the Sunshine State Happy Hour sometime soon.

I am definitely not too proud to beg.

Drink Florida Craft,


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