Brew Review – Tres Ces by Black Flamingo

If you have never heard of Black Flamingo Brewing, I’m not totally shocked. It’s not the most well known of brands (yet), and its creation has a long story behind it. I still don’t have all the details, but from what I have heard it is interesting.

If you are familiar with Pompano Beach, a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, you have probably heard of Bangin’ Banjo Brewing. Across the street from them is a location that started off as the new home of Holy Mackerel Brewing. That was opened by the original founder of Holy Mackerel, Bobby Gordash, who later rebranded it the Weed Reaper Experiment, named for the original name that he wanted his brewery to be about a decade ago.

One of the groups that he invited to brew there on a regular basis was Descarga, a longtime brewery-in-planning team based in Miami who looks like they are finally going to be opening their permanent home in North Miami Beach this year. The Holy Mackerel brand, however, was obtained and moved to Wilton Manors for a new brewery and restaurant concept I desperately need to try.

As for the original owner, he has apparently left and is now working at a brewery on the Gulf coast. This left Descarga with the space across from Bangin’ Banjo, which they apparently have taken ownership of rebranding it Black Flamingo as a secondary location for their brewing. Please keep in mind all of this is what I have been able to piece together from loose audio here and there.

That being said, I’m very impressed with what Black Flamingo is doing during the quarantine. I have known the Descarga guys for years now, and they make a mean set of brews. I’m definitely excited for what they will have when they open their Miami location. With Black Flamingo, however, they are going full force with that same style, and they’ve even got a really neat deal with a local food truck most days. $20 will get you a meal and a crowler of one of the beers they have on tap. You really have to check them out on Facebook or Instagram to see what is coming up.


As for the beer is, the first official Black Flamingo beer I was able to get was Tres Ces (New England IPA, 7.4% ABV). a hell of a New England juice bomb that I surprisingly enough really had a great time with. They managed to perfectly encapsulate all those beautiful bright citrus flavors with only a touch of hops that came through.

This is more about the aromas and fruity notes than than assaulting people with alpha acids. There’s a great dark gold color to the beer, and you definitely can’t see through the haze at all. It seems to have a simple, almost Cream Ale-like malt bill in that it serves as a solid base for the flavors they get from the hops, but does not need to contribute a ton to the finished product.

Knowing who Black Flamingo is, I am not shocked by how good the beer was, it’s something to be expected. Once I get another twenty bucks, I will definitely go back and take advantage of their quarantine deal.

In the meantime, I have a little bit more story digging to do.

Drink Florida Craft,


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