Brew Review – Subtropic Saint by Ten10 Brewing @BrewingTen10

Naturally, the current quarantine has been horrible for pretty much everybody on this planet and we have a lot of economic recovery do to in the future.

I speak to brewers and influencers, there are two positives that seem to be coming out of the current climate, however. First is delivery, in that a lot of breweries are starting to make deliveries right to your home where they weren’t able to before. Some of those breweries, such as Accomplice Ciderworks out of West Palm, have been very good at getting kegs from breweries that don’t distribute to this area and so I’ve have been able to try brews that I would normally be trying.

The other, and I know that this is a completely shameless self-promotion plug, is the Sunshine State Happy Hour. This is our show currently going live at 6 p.m. Eastern every weekday on our Facebook page with recaps on Youtube.

The funny thing is I am probably drinking more beer hosting the show than I had before. When chatting about the beers, all the brewers I spoke to mentioned when they are confronted with the question of what beer do you drink first at a brewery, the common answer is usually something along the lines of a light, simple beer such as a blond ale, or a kolsch, or a Pilsner. That way there is nothing the brewer can do to hide a lack of good brewing skills.

I’ve just given you a lot of setup, talking about 1) delivery of unavailable beers, 2) drinking beers on the Sunshine State Happy Hour, and 3) good beers to try when going to a brewery first.

That all comes together with a recent episode of the Sunshine State Happy Hour where I was able to get a crowler of Subtropic Saint (Kolsch, 5% ABV, 20 IBU) from Mike Wallace and his team at Ten10 Brewing in Orlando.

Ten10 does not distribute by me, and through some amazing witchcraft Accomplice was able to get a keg and got me a crowler. I’ve been to Ten10 a few times and the beers are fantastic, but I always went for something heavier and more complex. With this beer, it was nice to see what he can do when he gets back to basics.

Being a kolsch, it was a perfect light and crisp beer that shows their talents. It is crisp and deliciously malt-forward, with a big buttered biscuit with honey quality to the grain bill that adds maybe a touch of lemon hiding in the back. Hops are not really much to speak of, which is one of the many things I love about this particular style.

It’s also listed as a hybrid lager, which I am not shocked since I’m not sure they have lagering equipment in at Ten10, and I’ve seen many people use a fast lagering technique as the market shifts towards desiring many of these styles.

Maybe Mike can tell me all about it when I pressure him to get on the show sometime soon. In the meantime I’m going to keep scouring for regularly unavailable beers to consume on future episodes.

Drink Florida Craft,


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