Brew Review – Sun Squishy IPA by Suncreek @SuncreekBrewery

Sun Squishy is the greatest name ever.

Which is funny, since I am particularly fond of Clermont, Florida, and yet I had to start by just saying Sun Squishy.

If you are a triathlete in Central Florida, you are probably very familiar with Clermont. If you’re not, Clermont is a wonderful land of huge lakes and big rolling hills that are very, very popular with triathletes. It’s one of the biggest cities in Lake County and maybe 30 minutes from Disney.There’s a massive training center there, more bike stores than you can shake a stick at, and the West Orange Trail continues into the Lake Minneola Trail ending at Lake Minneola. Something else to try there is the relatively new Suncreek Brewery.

I have been excited to try some of their beers, but I never managed to get out there before getting my hands on a crowler of the aforementioned Sun Squishy (IPA, 7% ABV, 60 IBU), which I purchased partially to try this new brewery and partially because of that name.


It’s a lot darker than I had anticipated. It actually pours a relatively moderate caramel color, and there’s a very strong caramel note that runs through the beer. It’s unmistakably an IPA, with some big floral and earthy notes of alpha acids, a veritable vegetative bouquet that explodes the moment you open the can. Tasting it brings those herbaceous qualities on a wave of caramel and dark bready malts.In

essence, is everything I ever hoped for from a brewery in one of my favorite cities. It’s amazingly complex, deliciously deep, and keeps giving as you continue to drink and the beer warms up releasing even more of that bouquet.

My triathlon days are probably will behind me at this point, but I have no problems with driving a car out to Clermont to visit this new brewery. I definitely cannot wait.

Sun squishy.

Drink Florida Craft,


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If you want to get this glass and more for yourself, check out today!

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