Transplant Pils by Gulfstream Brewing

Hopefully you have been watching the Sunshine State Happy Hour, our quarantine show that is now going out every Thursday at 6 PM.

During the show’s initial 5 days a week run, I have spoken to a lot of brewers, that have all mentioned everybody started packaging beer more once the quarantine started.The problem with that is finding the actual packaging to fill with said beers.

That has been a surprisingly tall order and there are a lot of breweries, like Gulfstream Brewing in Fort Lauderdale, that had to package beers without any sort of labeling. As a result, the only way you can identify their beers was by the stamp on the bottom of the can. Oddly fun in a weird sort of way.

My producer Steve took a trip to Gulfstream not too long ago to pick up a four pack of their Transplant Pils (Pilsner, 5% ABV) , and the only way I can identify it is by looking at the stamp on the bottom of the can.

Nevermind the date, it’s been a little while since I drank it.

As for the beer itself, it’s wonderful that they have it canned because it’s a very crisp and refreshing pilsner that needs to get out more. Hops are a low and on the noble side, and bring a very lemony and bright biscuit note, almost perfectly aligned with what a classic pilsner ought to be.

This is good, since I have noticed this style is starting to experience quite the resurgence, and knowing this is what Gulfstream can do with such a classic style is great. In the meantime, if I get more beers of theirs it will be just fine.ust remind me to check the bottom of the can.

Drink Florida Craft,


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