Brew Review – Dad Is Going Bananas by NOBO Brewing @NOBOBrewing

I find it funny that breweries tend to go a little more out for Father’s Day then they do for Mother’s Day.Maybe dad wants a massage, too. Maybe Mom wants a beer, too.

That’s not to say that breweries don’t go all out for Mother’s Day, but they tend to do a little bit more for Father’s Day.

Naturally, being a beer drinker and a father, part of me enjoys that combination and I tend to try to get a little something special beer-wise on that day.

In Palm Beach County there is a petting zoo that has been doing socially distanced safaris at their home farm in Boynton Beach. I managed to get a ticket for my family on Father’s Day, which was really neat, but I used this trip north to also swing by NOBO, since they had just released a very special bottle for Father’s Day. They took their traditional quadrupel, Dad Quad, and treated the ever-living heck out of it to create Dad Is Going Bananas. (Quadruple, 13% ABV).


This holy of holiest concoctions is their quad, after a nice long aging in black coral rum barrels. From there, they treated it with brown sugar, vanilla, and bananas.

This is going to sound strange with my relative love for Hefeweizens, but I have never seen anybody actually use bananas in treating their beer. And this thing sure smells like they shoved the entire banana tree into the barrel. The moment you pop the top, that banana aroma explodes out of the bottle. And it’s so amazingly good, less like a piece of laffy taffy and more like a solidly well-produced Bananas Foster.

The beer is remarkably nuanced, and there are so many flavors coming at you that it will take a few sips to discover them all. You can still find big quad notes of raisin and prune that come out dancing arm-in-arm with the black sugar. Traditionally, a quad’s malt bill takes care of the molasses-like notes, but bringing in extra sure never hurt.

They also doubled down on the vanilla, since the barrel adds a touch of vanilla on its own and the vanilla bean addition itself only serves to amplify that wonderful sweetness.

The best part of all is that none of this is overpowering. You know you have a strong beer in hand, but it does not feel like a 13% beer. It honestly feels like maybe a strong caramel-forward Martzen, albeit with insanely tropical additional flavors.

I have tried other beers that have specifically sought to replicate the qualities of the Bananas Foster’s at Brennan’s, the legendary New Orleans breakfast spot. If NOBO was trying to go for something similar, they succeeded with flying colors.If not, and they just produced a darn good beer and my hope is I will be able to get this again, even if I have to wait another year for the next Father’s Day.

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