Brew Review – Milk District NEIPA by Ellipsis Brewing

I am curious as to how many people are going to be confused by something called ‘Milk District.’ And if you are confused, then you are not well-versed in all-things Orlando.

There are a lot of things in The City Beautiful that have nothing to do with roller coasters and cinnamon churros. One of those is a fairly large section of Orlando, just off Colonial Drive by Orlando Executive Airport, that has been anchored by a large TG Lee Dairy for decades. It was originally home to the 20 acres that Thomas and Elizabeth Lee used to graze their lone dairy cow in the mid 20’s, eventually expanding to the massive regional dairy you see today.That area has undergone a significant revitalization as late, and because of its dairy past, it is often referred to as the Milk District. This area is starting to get its own little beer scene as well, and a lot of people that live in Orlando are starting to claim it as a bit of Orlando’s honest cultural heritage.

Ellipsis, which is fast becoming one of my favorite breweries in the city even though it’s located out by Orlando International Airport, released their New England IPA to celebrate the Milk District (New England IPA, 7% ABV).


I shared one of my producer Steve on a recent episode of the Sunshine State Happy Hour, and we were both amazingly impressed by how flavorful this beer was. I’ve been to Ellipsis before and I knew that whatever I was going to open from theirs was going to be pretty solid.

It’s drenched in lactose, a nod to their namesake, and liberally hopped with Citra and Denali hops. The flavors they got out of those two are amazing and so beautifully showcase what the hops can do when you take the aggressive Alpha acids out of the equation.

Yes, the lactose goes a great way in helping to make that beer a creamy and soft treat, which makes it par for the course for the things they do at Ellipsis. That makes me very unhappy that I am not in Orlando anymore to enjoy what those people are used to.

They do different treatments of Milk District as well, so we would be interested to try those to see how they fare. In the meantime it’s great to see a city rally behind a particular portion of its history and culture and celebrate that, more so than with the parks provide.

And yes, talking about milk this much does make me want to go get a tall glass of some right now.

Drink Florida Craft,


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