Brew Review – BLM Lager by 26 Degree Brewing @26Brewing

In the time this blog and its accompanying social media outlets have been in existence, I’ve been relatively free of trolls and other issues. As a point of operation, however, I very rarely post anything that would antagonize any one group. I write about beer, beer tends to be pretty loved on all sides.

When getting ready for my recent interview with 26 Degree Brewing in Pompano Beach and Clonakilty Distillery from Ireland, I posted a picture of the 26 Degree beer that I was drinking getting ready for the episode, BLM Lager (Lager, 5.2% ABV). Oddly enough, I got some hateful comments about the beer. They have been deleted, but part of me is still a little surprised that it happened.

The beer itself, clearly intended to support the Black Lives Matter movement, was a collaboration with Troy’s Barbecue and Subculture Restaurant Group. It was Troy’s BBQ and their founder, Anthony Barber, that reached out to 26 Degree co-founder Yonathan Ghersi to inquire about Black Is Beautiful, a beer recipe that is currently making its rounds in an effort to raise awareness about racism and the upheaval currently happening in the US.

Yonathan liked the idea of creating a beer with this promotion behind it, but not necessarily an Imperial Stout in the middle of a rainy, hot, and humid South Florida summer. Instead he came up with a lager that would carry the same message, but would be significantly easier to drink. That beer became BLM Lager.

All parties involved decided to dedicate all proceeds to the Corey Jones Foundation. This foundation provides for scholarships to disadvantaged students and was named in the memory of Mr. Jones, a black man that was shot and killed by an plainclothes police officer while Mr. Jones was stranded with a disabled vehicle.

But now we have to talk about the beer, and this beer has to be one of the best I’ve ever had, 26 Degree Brewing or otherwise. It is crisp and light, with slight notes of biscuit and honey bun and a touch of lemon in the back end. It’s almost like a cream ale, but with very little corn flavoring, just a solid light and sweet malt bill.

It is insanely drinkable, very refreshing, and perfect for being outside in the Florida summer. It’s a beer that is so perfect and it’s a mix of flavor and lightness that I would love for it to stay year-round.

I will say that I’m very happy that Troy’s BBQ and Subculture Restaurant Group collaborated with 26° Brewing to create this beer, but I would strongly suggest that you go to 26° Brewing itself to purchase a six pack. The money goes to a very noble cause, and these three are incredible organizations for coming up with and releasing the beer that they did.

And it is an excellent beer at that. Trolls be damned.

Drink Florida Craft,


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