Brew Review – Red Velvet Cake Porter by Naples Beach Brewery @NaplesBeachBrew

I cannot emphasize how important it is to purchase directly from your local brewery at a time like this.It was always important, but that importance is taking on new life and new urgency as takeout has become the only way for some breweries to survive. Almost every vrewery has adopted online ordering, which takes a lot of the hassle out of purchasing.I’m a very big fan of this, being able to select, purchase, and pay for everything in advance so my order is waiting for me the moment I arrived. I’ve gotten very used to ordering lunch and groceries this way, and beer is no longer any different. There are also times where it has its advantages, like when I went to Naples Beach Brewery this weekend.They had a wonderful selection of beers in their awesome 25 oz. crowlers, foregoing their six pack that I know they’ve made in the past. One of those crowlers that came home with me was a Red Velvet Milk Porter (Porter, 5.3% ABV, 30 IBU), because every so often I have to say screw it all and go for a nice yummy Florida dessert beer.Little did I know, but once I got there and picked up my order I had purchased the last crowler of red velvet. That made me happy because this was definitely a fun beer. I made sure to put enough backlight on the beer when I took the photo so you can see the thing actually does pour out a beautiful burgundy color.I’m assuming that all came from the malt and not from beets (the actual source of red color in a true red velvet cake. End useless fact). There it was, a solid porter with a light sugary sweetness that was more of a product of an ample lactose dosing then from any other adjunct or biscuit-forward malt bill.Hops were kept low, and the end result wasn’t as sugary-sweet as I had originally suspected. For a dessert porter, it was actually a surprisingly refreshing beer. It can easily be drank at dessert, or with a cigar, or almost any time. It was surprisingly versatile in flavor.And you can’t have any, because I bought the last one. So there.I’m assuming they will make more, but the nice thing about looking online as you are able to see what they have in stock and immediately grab it, which is what I am definitely going to have to do more of in the future.Drink Florida Craft,Dave
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