Brew Review – 007 Golden EyePA by Bugnutty Brewing Company @BugnuttyBrew

I’m not totally sure if most people really appreciate the depths of how complicated hops can be. Statistically many people reading this blog appreciate hops and probably have their favorites, but I’m not sure the average consumer understands and apprecaite everything out there.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that when describing hops, it’s best to compare them to roses. There’s many different varieties of roses, and hrowers are constantly grafting and merging and combining and growing new varietals with new aromas and new flavors. What I didn’t completely understand was that some hop varietals And I continue to learn a lot about them, being a little surprised that some varietals are wholly owned by certain farms even go through name changes.

Take the Idaho 7 hop. Named for the state in which it was developed, and originally grown in 2015, Idaho 7 is best known and loved for giving a moderate tropical fruit flavor and is used primarily for aroma. Got to love those online hop sites.

It was originally known as the 007 Golden Hop, and it caught the eye of Bugnutty Brew co-owner Jon Sheldon who brewed an IPA specifically around that hop. Continuing the James Bond theme, they gave that ale the name 007 Golden EyePA (IPA, 7.4% ABV, 66 IBU).

The name changed but the recipe didn’t, and they actually use two and a half pounds of Idaho 7 for every barrel they brew. Now that I’ve had a beer that wrests solely on the shoulders of that hop, I can definitely say I’m a pretty big fan. The beer has a wonderfully juicy flavor to it, very much focusing on sweet, fruity notes and not too much rind or excessive bitterness.

Citra, this is not. With Idaho 7 and Bugnutty’s wonderful celebration thereof, it’s much more balanced and focuses on an easy drinking experience. It’s quite enjoyable, and being somebody who does not prefer IPAs that is saying something.

It’s nice when brewers will make a beer that focus and showcase a single hop, and I can’t see how better to showcase of Idaho 7 than this. As my first foray into Bugnutty, it was also a wonderful place to start and a place I hope to visit in person in what I hope to be the very near future.

Let’s just hope the name of the hop doesn’t change again before I get out there.

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