Brew Review – Tres Gringos by Unbranded Brewing @UnbrandedBrew

I’m not even going to get into how crazy Miami-Dade craft beer is starting to become. It seems there was very little in the past few years, and that has all given way to an explosion of craft breweries around the county.

And a lot of these cities have not had anything like this before, but now find themselves home to a craft beer outpost. Hialeah is one such location, and it now has Unbranded to add to its name.

Unbranded definitely hit the ground running; I met them last year at the North Miami Brewfest and I’ve heard the name around for a few years. Now not only are they producing, but they are distributing as well, which is why my friends at Fat Tap in Oakland Park was able to get a few kegs of their beers.


As it was the starting of my night, I went for Tres Gringos (English Pale Ale, 5.1% ABV), a soft and unassuming Pale Ale. It’s beautifully clear and crisp with a dark orange hue and an aroma of honey malt and lemon. The taste is different, with a big blast of earthy hops that get very bitter right off the bat, leaving a lemony aftertaste.

It’s refreshing, it’s got a lot of bite, and it’s definitely a great place to start. If you end up staying with Tres Gringos for a couple beers, that’s fine. But Unbranded has a lot more than unbranded has coming out of its tanks and I am definitely looking forward to the next time I’m able to try them.

Drink Florida Craft,


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