Brew Review – Paddy O’Furniture by Naples Beach Brewery @NaplesBeachBrew

There are few things that scream ‘Florida retiree’ more than PVC furniture. And if you have never experienced the majesty of a 6-piece patio set made out of PVC pipe, you simply don’t know what you’re missing.

It’s always been a part of living in Central Florida, and my retired grandparents were very prodigious at purchasing and using it around their home. It’s moderately comfortable, usually with some sort of water resistant plastic plush cushion, as good as you can get while sitting in furniture made out of plumbing equipment.

Don’t ask me why, but that furniture is the only thing I could think of when I picked up a crowler of Paddy O’Furniture (Stout, 4.8% ABV), a dry Irish Stout from Naples Beach Brewery.

IMG_4367 (1)

Yes, I know they wanted to go for the obvious and amusing Irish pun, and there’s a lot of things that I could write with that as a starting point, but for me nothing is as quintessentially Central Florida as that PVC furniture.

The beer itself hits right down the line when it comes to a traditional dry Irish Stout. It’s got a wonderfully dark, deep red color (something I didn’t realize was common with Irish stouts until I went to Ireland), coupled with a wonderfully warming rosted aroma tinged with just a touch of coffee.

The flavor is perfect as well, with a moderate mouthfeel that isn’t particularly smooth or rough, but right down the middle, and a flavor that is a touch on the zippy side with light notes of coffee, a hint of cocoa, and the odd berry note I have found I taste in every dry Irish stout I’ve ever had. I’m not sure where it comes from, and I’m curious as to whether others have gotten that as well.

This beer was everything that I wanted in a dry Irish Stout, and for that I was very grateful.

Of course now I have to go furniture shopping.

Drink Florida Craft,


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