Brew Review – Slow Paddle Porter by Pareidolia Brewing @PareidoliaBrew

Who doesn’t love a good solid Porter? But I digress.

Welcome to Support Florida Craft Beer day! It’s funny that this event is taking on life of its own, and it has been fun to work with Pete Anderson on the project.

Pete is the owner of Pareidolia Brewing in Sebastian, a place I have unfortunately still never been able to make it to. But he has been on an early episode of the Florida Beer Podcast, talking about not only his brewery, but the Treasure Coast Ale and Wine Trail that he founded.


He was also on a recent episode of the Sunshine State Happy Hour talking about how the quarantine affected his business and breweries along the Treasure Coast. On that, we also talked about the fact that, around about the same time, we both released campaigns to get Florida craft beer drinkers to reach out to people that are running for Florida State House and Senate positions.

I don’t think most people realize how much current Florida legislation is holding craft beer back, and how much harder it is to operate here than in other states. To that end, we are trying to promote laws and legislators that will help us in the coming 2021 legislative year. Part of that is to blast this Support Florida Craft Beer logo, designed by Pete’s wife, everywhere we can today, September 16th.

If you haven’t done so, please do and tag it #SupportFLCraftBeer.

When he was on the Sunshine State Happy Hour, however, he was a nice enough to send a crowler of his beer down, the first Pareidolia beer that I was able to try. Being a porter fan, I went for Slow Paddle Porter (Porter, 5.2% ABV, 38 IBU), which had just left the bright tanks only a few days earlier.

As a beer, it is a beautifully simple porter, something that Florida tends to not be known for. It’s got a wonderfully rich roasted malt quality with nice subtle hints of coffee and toasted bread with a very clean mouthfeel and just the tiniest touch of earthy hops. It could be simple to throw in marshmallows and vanilla beans and whatever ice cream toppings you can, but Pete and his team keep it easy and it’s just perfect. The beer is very soft, very unassuming, and incredibly sessionable.

I will be very happy to finally get to Sebastian to visit them, but this was a good first step and finally allows me to try the wonderful beers that are coming out of there. Knowing Pete and seeing everything that he has done, it doesn’t surprise me at all. Thank you so much, Pete, and if you haven’t done so, now is the time to #SupportFLCraftBeer!


Drink Florida Craft,


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