Brew Review – Prickly Pear Margarita Kissing Giants by Proof Brewing @ProofBrewingCo

Once again, I have a Kissing Giants review from Proof Brewing in Tallahassee that I sit on for a long time.

It wasn’t the couple of years like I did on their raspberry variant, but long enough to where the cans that I have look nothing like the cans that Proof is about to release in Tallahassee.

And if you are in Tallahassee and able to swing by the brewery to get a six-pack of their Prickly Pear Margarita Kissing Giants (Gose, 4.5% ABV), why are you not in line to do so? I will admit that when you find out the salted water nature of the gose, it is very easy to lean towards creating the idea for a margarita-style adjunct. It’s just a natural with the salt in the lime and tequila being everything that it is (Note: There’s no Tequila here. Sorry).

I have seen plenty of margarita goses, but none that add the prickly pear. This is, of course, a cactus, very well known for a very tart flavor profile. It’s less vegetative, and not pear-like at all, but very much in the realm of a raspberry-lemon-lime-rose hybrid. Think of the tartness of lemonade that doesn’t have any sugar in it. That’s what you’re going for.

Of course, everyone at Proof decided these two were so beautiful together, so it was brewed to wide acclaim, especially by yours truly. It is a tart beer, as anything with prickly pear should just be safely assumed as such. Bringing in lime from the margarita end of things didn’t help that, but it’s a combination that is good to enjoy, because it brings with it a wonderfully sweet kind of hybrid floral-citrus flavoring. In addition, there’s an interesting saline quaity that tingles in the back. What you get is a beer that it is so light it practically floats away and leaves behind a tantalizing trail of tart flavors.

Is this beer to fortify with a shot of Casamigos? If that’s the way you want to go, sure. And with the way sports in Tallahassee have been going already this year, maybe it’s not a bad idea. I personally won’t, since I love those flavors getting amplified on a crisp light malt bill and allowed to beam through with a rather radiant pink hue.

I am hoping that this is going to stick around in Proof’s coolers on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. If not, it would be an awful shame for this to ride off into the sunset in favor of another variant of Kissing Giants.

One that I will drink and then sit on the review for another five years.

Drink Florida Craft,


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