Brew Review – Hooter Brown by Oyster City Brewing @OysterCityBeer

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a brewery that makes brown ales due to its undeserved place as a pariah in the craft beer community. Somehow the brown became disavowed by beer drinkers, a relic of a time since passed and with a flavor just as easily dismissed.

And that’s possibly the furthest thing from the truth. Brown ales are flavorful, hearty, and incredibly delicious, with great earthy tones and wonderfully nutty notes. But brewers just don’t make them anymore. They definitely don’t make them a flagship beer and never let them get above 5% ABV.

…unless you’re Oyster City Brewing in Apalachicola.

Their website speaks a lot about the water they are located by, and there has to be something funny in it to release Hooter Brown (Brown Ale, 8.5% ABV) and for that to be your best seller.

The beer is great. There’s a meaty and roasted quality to the aroma, which fills the air as you pour it out of their snazzy brown and white cans. The flavor has all of those notes of walnut, brazil nut, and even a touch of roasted peanut in with a solidly earthy hops with little splashes of floral notes thrown in.

Plus a touch of sweetness, since the key ingredient is locally harvested Owl Creek honey. It’s a nice touch and serves as a distinct little accent, not too much, but just noticeable.

It’s amazing, in a good way, to see not everyone has given up on the brown ale. It’s too delicious to ever let completely subside, but isn’t as flashy as its hazy cousins. And it doesn’t have to be. It’s just fine the way it is.

Even if it’s 8.5%.

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