Brew Review – Bluewater Hefeweizen by 3rd Planet Brewing

I remember reading, several places, so long ago, how people make their wine purchases based on how attractive the label is. Honesty, I’m not shocked. That visual punch draws someone in and really sets expectations for the beer, the style, the brewery, etc.

Occasionally a beer comes along whose label is so nice that I’d love to make it a computer wallpaper, and it’s hard to part ways with the can. It also sets up quite the hype for the beer inside, which is why I was so happy when Bluewater Hefeweizen (Hefeweizen, 6.2% ABV) lived up to everything promised.

What I got was one of the most refreshing and incredibly intricate wheat ales I’ve ever tried. It’s not a traditional hefeweizen, and looking at the grapefruit and coriander advertised on the label you’re going to be tempted to think witbier. It’s not that, either. It goes in a completely different direction.

The coriander gets punched up with black peppercorn and the grapefruit is deepened with local wildflower honey. This adjunct bill brings a meaty aspect to the flavor, bringing bold and heavy citrus notes laden with lots of dark spice character. When copupled with pale malt and wheat, both malted and unmalted, if lends itself to an odd, if not satisfying juxtaposition of light biscuity notes topped with those bold peppery fruit flavors. Liberty hops are used for the lightest dusting of hop bitterness.

So yes, the label is fantastic. But the beer is so much better than that. Enough to where it’s a bit of an embarassment for me to rave so much about the can when what’s inside is more worthy of the praise. In the end, it’s a total experience, and a good one.

P.S. I’d love this label as a computer wallpaper, 3rd Planet. Please.

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