Brew Review – Florida Peeler by Swamp Head @SwampHead

It’s not that I don’t agree with Swamp Head calling the beer an Easy Ale, I’m just not totally sure what that means.

Between that and the rather soothing, almost 70’s Florida coastal breakfast restaurant-style artwork on the can, I decided to give Florida Peeler (Golden Ale, 5% ABV), a try.

Let me backtrack slightly and say that it does not advertise itself as an easy ale, but a grapefruit easy ale. This is the new seasonal release from Swamp Head for the fall, and according to their social media it harkens back to a simple beer, enjoyed while tubing or kayaking down one of the many rivers you find in the northern part of Central Florida.

As an aside, if you have never been tubing, it is amazing.

What I want to stress to you, dear readers, is the grapefruit. This is a big hit of grapefruit flavor. There’s a touch of it in the aroma, coming off with a clean and snappy golden ale hit and just a hint of citrus rind milling about in the background.

But once you taste the beer, this is all grapefruit, all the time. It is big, it is bold, it is very fruity, and still has a bitterness that hop heads will enjoy. Without the hops, of course.

Everything else about the beer is kept very neutral, and without the grapefruit adjunct this could be a very clean, almost cream ale-style drinking experience. As it is, the grapefruit rises up and take center stage and does not let go. If that is what you’re into, this is the beer for you.

It’s a seasonal release that has statewide distribution so you’ll find it, but go right now. Hopefully it is still around and you can grab a six-pack before you go tubing.

Seriously, tubing is amazing.

Drink Florida Craft,


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