Brew Review – Chocolate Turtle Stout by Big Bear Brewing @BigBearBrewing

I think it was my father who, growing up, loved Turtles. This candy concoction of pecans, caramel, and chocolate was always a rather nice combination, even though I’m not particularly partial to pecans myself.

It also contains flavors that are perfectly in demand during for brewers looking for a big dessert beer. Jeff Evans at Big Bear Brewing recently put up a batch of one like this as their winter seasonal.

Chocolate Turtle (Stout, 9% ABV) is the perfect beer for those in the state (and I know you’re out there) that prefer their beers to balloon very sweet and heavily deserty.

Jeff has shown himself to be a master of dark styles. Pouring a beautifully dark brown, the aroma of milk chocolate and caramel actively pounces out of the glass. It’s amazing how cocoa-forward the aroma is, being almost like a chocolate syrup.

The flavor is very sweet, and can almost pass for a dessert course in itself. There are giant notes of chocolate with a roasty, overbaked biscuit malt quality that has light notes of coffee and plum, along with an interesting caramel note that almost feels like brown sugar, plus a deeper chicory and light nutty flavor as well.

It’s quite delicious, but it is definitely for the desert drinkers out there. There’s a lot of that Jeff does that is quite excellent, and this should easily go into the pantheon of excellent bold dessert stouts that come out of the Sunshine State.

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