Seltzer Spotlight – Watermelon Spyk’d by Ft. Myers Brewing @FMBrew

A couple of episodes ago on the Florida Beer Podcast, I reached out to and spoke to Rob Whyte, co-founder of Ft. Myers Brewing in, you guessed it, Ft. Myers. As big a fan of their beers (Gateway Gold is still the best Golden Ale I’ve had in the state) I reached out to him about Spyk’d, their relatively new-ish line of flavored hard seltzers.

Yes, they jumped on the seltzer craze and when I spoke to them, they had four flavors in cans with more coming soon at the brewery. They had also just won a pretty major award, getting Best In Show at the recent Seltzerland festival.

And so Rob and I had a really good conversation about the process of starting up a seltzer program (if that’s what you call it), winning awards, and the future of seltzers at Ft. Myers Brewing. In the process of our recording session, Rob even said that he drinks mostly seltzers now.

While I understand the draw of hard seltzers, especially being light on calories, I couldn’t understand why he would go for seltzers when he has such amazing beers at his disposal.

Then I tried Watermelon (Hard Seltzer, 5% ABV). Now I understand.

It’s just good. It’s just that good. It’s light, with a fun amount of carbonation, and an amazingly solid amount of watermelon flavor. That flavor isn’t overpowering, as a syrupy beverage would be, but it’s also not so light you can barely taste it. This is my main problem with the non-alcoholic seltzers I’ve attempted to consume, and a main reason why it took me so long to attempt a jump into hard seltzers.

With that great watermelon fruity taste, there’s also only 90 calories with zero carbs and zero sugar. I’m still curious as to what ancient, forbidden alchemy he and his team used to make that happen. Sure, you could mix it with something, but that almost seems disrespectful to the seltzer. It’s perfectly fine as it is on its own.

I’m excited, since I have six more flavors of Spyk’d to go through, due to the incredible generosity of Ft. Myers Brewing, but if it’s as good as the watermelon one is, they’re going to be gone fast.

Thank you so much to Fred Malone and the team at Ft. Myers Brewing for their generosity.

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