The Seltzerbot 5000 (NewAir 160 Can Beverage Fridge) with Funky Buddha Seltzer @NewAirUSA @FunkyBuddhaBrew #shareyournewair

I have been mentioning it, but it’s time to reveal the fully stocked and operational Selterbot 5000! In reality, it’s the New Air 160 Can freestanding beverage fridge in stainless steel (SKU: NBC160SS00). And because of things, i have now fully stocked it with hard seltzers. Fully stocked.


I will be perfectly honest when I admit that I had no intention of jumping on the hard seltzer bandwagon. I was happy when the hard soda craze went as fast as it came, and I was expecting seltzers to do the same.

But they haven’t. Not only are the seltzers here, but they’ve taken up a pretty sizable chunk of market share, both with national brands and so many coming from breweries here in the state of Florida.

What’s even funnier is a lot of breweries that I never expected jumped on the bandwagon. Brewers that I respect started making it and drinking them simply because they like them, plus the added combination of low sugar and a maximum of 100 calories really benefits repeat drinking.

There are some brewers that have said they switched completely to drinking their seltzers. I don’t blame them.

My initial apprehension to seltzers wasn’t the craze as much as it was non-alcoholic seltzers like La Croix. There was just no flavor to speak of and no enjoyment. It was just fizzy water, and I personally prefer my water to be flat and unflavored.

But these seltzers are something different. Sure there’s a hundred calories and maybe a carb or two, but you get a quality product that is flavorful and enjoyable.

And since New Air wanted to partner with me to advertise their awesome fridge, I jumped right in with both feet knowing I was going to create the Seltzerbot 5000. And to be honest, I could not have picked a better fridge to do it with.


New Air makes a quality product, I’ve seen them before and they’re solidly built. Not so heavy you can’t move them, but they handle a lot of cans or bottles, very easily customizable, and it was a fantastic experience. I’m really happy with how it looks, and the only thing I may do is print the blog logo to stick on the side. They do have a beers of the world version with all sorts of brewing nomenclature, and that’s a pretty fridge as well.

I think my favorite aspect of it is the glass front door. It’s something that I have always wanted in a beer fridge, and I am extremely excited to have one. It’s just a professional look and I don’t even have to be close to it immediately tell if I need a restock or decide what I want to drink. And in terms of drinks, it holds quite a lot.

As you can see, I’ve got mine situated for the particularly iconic tall cans that seltzers seem to come in, plus non-alcoholic fizzy drinks at the bottom. My daughter loves those when she comes home from school, and with the glass front door she doesn’t need to dig around to see what she wants.

The other thing I like about it are the touch screen controls you see at the top of the door. Obviously, temperature control is important and I’m very excited about the internal display light, and both of those are easily controlled viewed using the simple buttons at the top. I learned this quite by accident because of how forgetful I can be, but the light will switch off after about 20 minutes. So you can turn it on and forget it, and it’ll take care of itself for you.

Plus, the LED readout of the current temperature is great to know and keep an eye on. The only drawback that I have about this fridge is if you get it, and I strongly recommend you get one, make sure that readout of the temperature is not in a place that’s going to illuminate the entire room you’re in. It is incredibly bright and is practically a night light at 3 in the morning.

Other than that, the fridge is fantastic and once we got it out of the box you could already feel the chill coming from it within half an hour of plugging it in. As you can see, I have fully stocked of all sorts of Florida goodies, and since my friends that Funky Buddha gave me a pack of the current seltzer flavors they have on the market, I decided to have my celebratory first seltzer should be Mango Guava (Hard Seltzer, 4.5% ABV).


It’s light and refreshing and has a solid guava meatiness that the mango helps to sweeten, but does not overpower. It’s light and refreshing, and interestingly enough very fizzy for a carbonated drink that does not look carbonated when you let it sit out.

Of course, it was perfectly chilled because the Seltzerbot 5000 from New Air does exactly that. To take a closer look, this link will have everything you need (and when you order, use code FLORIDABEERBLOG)!

Drink Florida Craft,


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