Brew Review – White Water Southern Hemisphere Pils by Lake Tribe Brewing @LakeTribeBrew

I am rather embarrassed to have gotten almost all the way through my six pack of White Water Southern Hemisphere Pils (Pilsner, 4.6% ABV, 30 IBU) before actually writing it up.

It’s not a bad beer, far from it, it’s just such a perfectly relaxing beer I don’t want to have to spoil my enjoyment by having to write something as I drink. But I’m near the end of my stash, and everybody needs to understand how magical Lake Tribe Brewing can be. The beer is a liquid version of a Jimmy Buffett song, being sung by Boba Fett.

That’s going to make no sense to anyone, so let me please explain.

For this particular lager, Lake Tribe went with a Pilsner malt and German lager yeast. What you get with that is a soft, subtle, and sunny disposition, a very bright and warm flavor that is like a great day at the beach in a glass. But what makes this beer so good, and why I was so excited to try it initially, are the hops. They’re New Zealand hops, and I’m a paticurlarly big fan of those hops, since the flavors that come from Kiwi hops tend to burst with bright and bubbly tropical fruit flavors.

It’s very similar to the white grapes that come out of there. So, if you’ve ever had a Marlborough-region Sauvignon Blanc (think Kim Crawford if you don’t mind purchasing from Constellation), that’s what you got. They’re less like hop varieties and more like little bombs of Sunny Delight.

White Water uses Rakau hops and, because of this, you get these amazing peach, apricot, blueberry, and papaya notes. And being from New Zealand, I keep thinking particularly famous Kiwis, notably Jermaine Clement or Temura Morrison, who famously played Boba Fett in the second Star Wars Trilogy. You know, the one that everybody hated.

But there is nothing to hate here. There’s just an incredibly enjoyable drinking experience that has nuance around every corner and a beauty in simplicity that has to be tasted it to be believed. I’m looking forward to more beers with New Zealand Hops and definitely more beers from Lake Tribe.

In the meantime, maybe it is time to get another bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. It’s been a while.

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