Seltzer Spotlight – Lemon Lime Florida Hard Seltzer from 3 Daughters Brewing @3DBrewing

As most of you hopefully know by now, I have decided to fully embrace the hard seltzer trend since 1) it is not going anywhere anytime soon, and 2) I am trying to cut down on my carbs as much as humanly possible. For a beer blogger, that is quite the heavy lift.

But my Seltzerbot 5000 is fully stocked, and since it was time for another Seltzer Spotlight, I figured I would go into a can of what I consider to be the OG of Florida hard seltzers, Florida Hard Seltzer from 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Pete.

I’m not sure if they were the first, but they were the first for me and that is all that matters. Plus they’re good people that make a good product so choosing the Lemon Lime (Hard Seltzer, 4.5% ABV) was not a difficult choice.

And here I pause, since listening to other beer podcasters in the state (who brew in the state) mention they are not big fans of most hard seltzers since those seltzers tend to be overly sweet. Whereas my concern is the opposite, that they are not going to be flavored enough for me to even notice that the flavor exists.

The lemon lime Florida Hard Seltzer rests right on the perfect balance between those two. It’s more flavorful than a traditional non-alcoholic seltzer, and you taste those beautiful pops of the lemon and lime together. One doesn’t overpower the other. But it’s not overly sweet, it doesn’t feel syrupy or candy-like.

It really is an excellent balance and for only 90 calories and one carb, how can you go wrong? It’s also readily available almost everywhere in the state of Florida if you go to most grocery stores. They’ve affectionately labeled it the Tackle Box, a 12-pack of Lemon Lime and their other flavors, both of which I am sure will get write-ups in the near future.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my lemon lime seltzer and wonder how much farther my Seltzerbot is going to get drained before I’m able to give it a good solid restocking.

To take a closer look at the Seltzerbot 5000,, this link will have everything you need (and when you order, use code FLORIDABEERBLOG)!

Drink Florida Craft,


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