Seltzer Spotlight – Strawberry Lime Spyk’d by Ft. Myers Brewing @FMBrew

There are some flavors of Spyk’d that I’m really looking forward to (Mojito, I got my eyes on you). Then there are some that I wasn’t completely thrilled about, but maybe it’ll be something fun to try, or maybe use as a mixer.

Strawberry Lime Spyk’d (Hard Seltzer, 5% ABV) was the latter for me. But I’m glad I tried it and it will teach me to not read books by the cover.

It’s quite tasty. Very tasty, in fact.

The color is a shade on the golden side, a tad removed from the complete blankness of other seltzers. The flavor, however, is remarkably fresh. It tastes like freshly picked strawberries, an absolutely insane amount of freshly-picked strawberries, coupled with just a hint of lime tartness. That lime is very subtle, but what it does is it accentuates the sugary sweetness of the berry flavor just that much more, making it very refreshing and sweet without being syrupy.

It’s difficult to believe this is a 5% beverage, and I am afraid of what my life would be like after consuming a six-pack of these. I’m not sure that’s going to happen, but there is always that chance.

Especially with a berry flavor like that.

Drink Florida Craft,


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